Lots of people are touting the iPad (stupid name BTW) as being the next big thing, as being a Kindle killer, and various other Apple fan boy ravings.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of Apple products they are nice and shiny but they always seem to have a few quirks that make their products not quite as good as they really could be. But for some reason I seem to be alone in this as it would seem that everyone on the planet has an iPhone. Even I own an iPod, though trying to get it to do some things, especially through that bad excuse for a program called iTunes, frequently drives me to distraction.

So today I see this video:


A mock up of what an iPad could do. Very fancy, with some very good ideas, though I could do without even more adverts (to be fair current print magazines have lots of adverts but they can be relatively easy to ignore.). One wonders if the adverts will be relatively passive, or obtrusive like some of the adverts currently on some websites?

Another concern is, will the sort of content in the video be available outside of the USA? Currently the Kindle can download and display newspapers, magazines and blogs; however, only in America. Whilst this is not a huge detraction from purchasing an international Kindle, if like me you are buying it to read novels and other books, it would be a huge reason not to buy an iPad if you couldn’t get this sort (Sports Illustrated) of content outside of the USA.

Pricing may also present a hurdle to purchasing an iPad for viewing magazines, obviously there is the annual subscription to the magazine, just as there is for a print version, however, how much data is going to be streamed over the net (3G mobile phone network I’m assuming)? I’m guessing from the video that most of that fancy content will be downloaded as required, that looks like a lot of data. Will the cost be part of the subscription or an additional expense (like normal mobile phone data) and if so how much might this cost? Are people going to be prepared to pay another $50/month, like they now do for their phone, just so they can watch a few videos, including adverts, on their iPads? Only time will tell I suppose.

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