The following is a list of articles (first released 6-12-2010) about the recent release of documents by Wikileaks, commonly referred to as #cablegate.

Door open for Assange to come home – to which I commented, but which was not released.

NSW Supreme Court Solicitor Peter Kemp: Letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard – I can’t verify the veracity of this document, I’ve found copies all over the net but not the original, but it has a very good point. Whatever happened with innocent until proven guilty in this country?

PM has betrayed me: Assange – Yes, Julian does seem a bit of an egomaniac sometimes, and yes he does seem a bit paranoid, but then again when a senior US official calls for your death, I guess you have every right to be paranoid. Or, as someone once said “You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.”

The death threats, the media, and the government’s sycophantic pursuit of Julian Assange – Like a few other articles with this theme, I agree with this one that the mainstream media has been mostly one sided, against Julian and Wikileaks, since senior US officials started complaining about the leaked documents.

Don’t shoot the messenger, award him the Nobel Peace Prize – calls have also been put out to name him Time magazine’s person of the year, vote for him here, and Australian of the year. Wouldn’t one of these awards get up a few people’s noses?

Of course Mark Pesce has written some excellent articles at ABC’s The Drum, including today’s WikiLeaks a blueprint for things to come.

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Stupidly for the American government officials who have been crying foul since the release of the documents, instead of the story going away they have in fact made it worse. I have seen quite a Streisand effect happen since people have called for Julian’ death and since government officials and sycophantic biased media have labelled him a terrorist and said the leaks will cause innocent deaths (neither of which are likely to be true). So far a lot of the documents have just shown what we’ve always suspected, governments don’t trust or like other governments and will say and do whatever they can to undermine each other.

It’s kind of interesting that despite the huge protestations by senior government officials over Wikileaks disseminating┬áthese documents those same officials say that no lasting damage has been done between their country and various other countries mentioned. Despite protestations, the only bad thing to have come out of the leaked documents so far is embarrassment to some government officials. Tough titties, I say.

This is a list of mirror sites that now host the current leaked documents.

Several Wikileaks staffers have left Wikileaks and it looks like they are going to start up their own version of a whistle-blower web site. Good on them I say.

There is already a similar site to Wikileaks called