Some WikiLeaks links from Tuesday 7 December 2010

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Julian Assange does, or the way he does it, but the very bad, bordering on criminal, treatment he, WikiLeaks and it’s workers are currently experiencing is alarming and deplorable.

Oh, and I also wish that people would do a bit more reading and research before shooting off their mouths about how misguided, evil and dangerous Julian and WikiLeaks are. There is so much disinformation about this whole affair it’s ridiculous. – mirror site – click the white/blue box under the main text box to see more reasons – WikiLeaks safeguards data – Defend WikiLeaks or lose free speech. Journalists should wake up and realise that the attacks on the whistle-blower are attacks on them, too. – MasterCard joins growing list of companies pulling the plug on WikiLeaks – Turn Yourself In, Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder is an unscrupulous megalomaniac with a political agenda. So says Christopher Hitchens. – Columbia University changes it’s policy of advising students not to discuss WikiLeaks on facebook or Twitter. – Sex, lies and diplomatic cables. ‘Cablegate’ has provided the Arab public with an insightful peek into the inner circles of their respective states. – Anon publishes a warning – The lawless wild west attacks WikiLeaks

Why is Australia silent on Julian Assange? A blunt article from John Birmingham. – WikiLeaks (snail mail) postbox is about to be closed. Conspiracy, or just the fact the building that houses it is due for demolition? – One of many articles discussing whether Twitter is censoring the discussion of #Wikileaks and #cablegate. Twitter says no, but the numbers don’t seem to bear that out. Is Twitter hedging it’s bets? – One of several articles stating that Assange will shortly be meeting with British police to discuss the alleged charges laid against him by Swedish authorities.

Note: From what I have gathered the Swedish Chief Prosecutor dropped the original charges some while back as they thought there wasn’t sufficient evidence to hold a trial. Following pressure from a Swedish politician another prosecutor has filed the current allegations. Additionally after reading a few articles yesterday the whole sexual assault charges seem to have started by one of the women Assange slept with (with her consent by the way) got jealous when she found out he had slept with another woman. “Hell have no fury…” like the saying goes. I’d bet a lot of money that none of this would be news, or even still ongoing, it it wasn’t for the latest WikiLeaks document releases which have severely embarrased US politicians and secret service. – WikiLeaks cables: CIA drew up UN spying wish list for diplomats. Normally this would cause a huge outcry, finding out diplomats were told to spy on foreign diplomats, but for some reason most people seem to be shooting the messenger (WikiLeaks) rather than the message. – A blog discussing what happens in the “long haul” about WikiLeaks and government transparency. – Respected media outlets collaborate with WikiLeaks. Says it all really. – WikiLeaks founder threatens to release entire cache of unfiltered files.

For those that don’t know, or like some of the media haven’t bothered to find out or report it correctly, WikiLeaks has been releasing the roughly 250,000 documents in small batches (of about 100 each day). A good part of the reason behind this is so WikiLeaks members and the few media outlets that are a part of this can check the documents before release. Apparently this is done to ensure no critical names are released or no documents are released they believe really could be a danger to someone. So despite the hysterics in the media and from various US and other nations leaders, WikiLeaks are trying to consider the welfare of people who may be put in direct jeopardy if a particular document is released. Obviously this can’t be completely failsafe, but they aren’t complete irresponsible idiots (like some would have you believe).

The above article discusses how Assange if forced to will release all the documents at once into the wild. There is a 1.3Gb file available on the net which supposedly contains all the #cablegate documents plus more. This file whilst freely available is encrypted but the key will be distributed if something happens to Assange, in particular if he is (illegally) taken to America. – #Cablegate WikiLeaks document that lists sites critical to US security, including a site in Australia that makes rattlesnake anti-venom. Some say this document is very dangerous and provides terrorists with a targeting list, others think otherwise. – Another article discussing how WikiLeaks is safeguarding the #cablegate data.

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Turns out John Pilger, in an interview with Phillip Adams (mp3) said the same things I’ve said, though more eloquently and forthright.  H/T to Sean for the link.