I have the following vintage stereo / audio and video equipment I no longer need. Most of it is in very good to fairly good condition and many of the units come in original boxes and have original operator manuals, some even have original maintenance / technical manuals as well.

Marantz 4070 quad amplifier, with quad adaptor.
Optonica RT-7000H Cassette Deck
Optonica ST-5200 Tuner
CEC DD-8200 Turntable
Rotel CDX4 CD Player
Dokorder 8140 Reel to Reel Tape Deck, and
Fisher FVH-P630 VHS Video Recorder

I will probably put this lot on ebay and/or gumtree shortly, but if there any buyers who want the lot please leave a comment. If anyone knows of any vintage audio equipment shops that buy old units please leave a comment with contact details.

It wasn’t until I started some research to see if this audio and video equipment was worth anything, before I threw it in the skip bin, that I realised it was “vintage audio” equipment. That makes me feel old, I can still remember buying this gear.