On Windows 10 –  Windows Update settings, if you select Advanced Options then tick the box ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.’ then try to Check for updates you may get the Windows Update Error 0x8024402f and no updates will be found. This happened to several new computers that had just had Microsoft Office 2016 installed and was attempting to get latest Office updates.

None of the fixes found on Google using the search term Windows Update Error 0x8024402f  worked.

What did fix the issue was to manually install one office update.

Go to the current months Microsoft Office updates page (eg  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4036121/august-2017-updates-for-microsoft-office ) and download one of the updates and install it (I downloaded one of the Office 2016 installs), once the update had been manually installed, go back to Windows Update Settings / Advanced Options and tick the ‘Give me updates…’ box and then retry Check for updates. It found all the remaining  office updates and installed them, and rechecking for updates no longer causes errors if the ‘Give me updates…’ box is ticked.

Solved Windows Update Error 0x8024402f