Video Projection Mapping Software

Video Projection Mapping Software – Product, Pricing, URL and Description


  1. Arkaos ($966 and $2530) Mac / Windows
    “Arkaos boasts two powerful projection mapping software programs, Arkaos GrandVJ XT ($966) and the Arkaos MediaMasterPro 5 ($2530). GrandVJ XT adds expert features such as the Video Mapper extension, allowing projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays to GrandVJ’s real-time video mixer software, allowing to compose up to 8 layers of Video on the fly. MediaMaster Pro will turn any powerful computer into a full fledged media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light. It has been specifically developed for desk operators and lighting designers.”
    There are Demo versions, but this software is really aimed at the high end of the market.


  1. DisplayMapper ($670) any device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
    “Transform Anything. Transform any projector into a remotely controlled 3d mapping machine”
  2. Dynamapper ($7.99) iOS/Android
    “Optoma Projection Mapper enables you to beam multiple images and video onto 3D surfaces to create digital art”


  1. Facade Signage ($2236) Windows
    “FaçadeSignage is the easiest projection mapping and media server software on the market.
    Use a PC and one (or more) projectors to “dress” any physical object or architectural structure with digital media.”
    Trial version 21 day
    It really is the easiest program I have tested so far.


  1. LPMT ($37) Mac / Windows / Linux
    Little Projection Mapping Tool (LPMT ) is a simple, free and powerful tool for projection mapping.
    Free version available, limited surfaces and watermarked.


  1. Mapio 2 ($448) Mac / Windows / Linux
    “Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.
  2. MapMap (Free) Mac / Windows /Linux
    “MapMap is an open source video mapping software”
    Appears to be fairly basic.


  1. Madmapper ($520) Mac / Windows
    “MadMapper is an advanced tool for video and light mapping. Fast and Easy to use”
    Demo version available


  1. MeshWarpServer (Free) Mac / Windows
    “MeshWarpServer is a versatile Mapping Tool to create complex Video Projection Installations.”
    NOTE: discontinued product as at 15/05/2017, see SPARK below


  1. Millumin 2 ($894) Mac
    “Software to create audiovisuals shows. For theatre, videomapping and interactive installation.”
    Free 30 day trial
    NOTE: V2+ is due out later in 2017, newer pricing may apply


  1.  MPM Robotized (Free) Mac / Windows / Linux
    “Multi-Projector-Mapper (MPM): Open-Source 3D Projection Mapping Software Framework.
    The multi-projector-mapper (MPM) is an open-source software framework for 3D projection mapping using multiple projectors. It contains a basic rendering infrastructure, and interactive tools for projector calibration.”


  1. MWM (Unknown) Unknown – DO NOT TRY THIS URL !
    NOTE: The main website doesn’t appear to work anymore, there only seems to be a facebook page and nothing has been posted since 2014.


  1. Painting With Light ($75) Mac / Windows
    “Painting With Light is a complete video mapping tool that enables artists of any technical ability to paint with static and moving images through any video projector onto 3D physical objects.”
    Trial version


  1. Resolume Arena 5 Media Server ($1192) Mac / Windows
    “Arena has everything Avenue has, plus advanced options for projection mapping and blending projectors. Control it from a lighting desk and sync to the DJ via SMPTE timecode.”
    Unlimited Trial, has watermark on output.


  1. SPARK ($1305) Mac / Windows
    “SPARCK is a cross-platform media and virtual reality package for the creation of interactive spatial augmented reality installations.
    It also can be used as an arbitrary surface projection mapping tool and allows you to map any physical space and project realtime generated virtual content on to it. It helps you to turn your world into a 360° VR environment no matter the shape of your surfaces.”
  2. TouchDesigner ($2200 USD) Mac / Windows
    “TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime projects and rich user experiences. Whether you’re creating interactive media systems, architectural projections, live music visuals, or simply rapid-prototyping your latest creative impulse, TouchDesigner is the platform that can do it all.”
    Free version for non-commercial, limited features.


  1. VPT 7 (Free) Mac / Windows
    “VPT (VideoProjectionTool) is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool. Among other things it can be used for projecting video on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, for multiscreen HD playback, for interactive installations using arduino sensors or camera tracking “
    NOTE: The latest version is available on their forum


Digital Press Works (from $99.95 USD per video) any

Not an actual software program. Custom 3D House Projection Mapping Videos, ready made videos to purchase and project onto your house. You map your house (they have a tutorial ) send them an image, select which video you want, pay for it, and they send you a video file you play through your media player and projector.


All prices quoted converted from default currency to Australian dollars as at September 2017.

Many of these programs have multiple levels/versions of their programs with varying features and thus varying prices. Many of these programs have monthly/yearly fees and or lifetime license.

All prices quoted here are for 1 (usually 2) computer, Pro/Full version, lifetime, licenses where available, otherwise as marked. Where I know of, or have bothered to find out, I’ve mentioned demo/trial versions.

Text in quotes after URL are brief description from respective websites.

This list covers a wide range of projection / video mapping software that work in different ways, not all of them are suitable (besides the price) for domestic / DIY “house” or “wedding cake” projection mapping.


Projection Mapping Central – All things projection / vidoe mapping website
Has some good, if a bit old, reviews and information on many of the above programs and other programs and hardware for projection mapping.


Disclaimer: All information above is accurate as possible at time of print (September 2017) any errors or omissions are purely accidental. Do NOT make any decisions or purchases based solely on information contained within this document. This is not a review or recommendation of any particular program or software, it’s just a list of known (to me) programs that purport to do some sort of projection / video mapping.


Copyright: Written by OzAz 05/09/2017 from information gleaned from the internet. 

Windows Update Error 0x8024402f – a real fix and solution for Windows 10

On Windows 10 –  Windows Update settings, if you select Advanced Options then tick the box ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.’ then try to Check for updates you may get the Windows Update Error 0x8024402f and no updates will be found. This happened to several new computers that had just had Microsoft Office 2016 installed and was attempting to get latest Office updates.

None of the fixes found on Google using the search term Windows Update Error 0x8024402f  worked.

What did fix the issue was to manually install one office update.

Go to the current months Microsoft Office updates page (eg ) and download one of the updates and install it (I downloaded one of the Office 2016 installs), once the update had been manually installed, go back to Windows Update Settings / Advanced Options and tick the ‘Give me updates…’ box and then retry Check for updates. It found all the remaining  office updates and installed them, and rechecking for updates no longer causes errors if the ‘Give me updates…’ box is ticked.

Solved Windows Update Error 0x8024402f


Vintage audio stereo and video equipment for sale

I have the following vintage stereo / audio and video equipment I no longer need. Most of it is in very good to fairly good condition and many of the units come in original boxes and have original operator manuals, some even have original maintenance / technical manuals as well.

Marantz 4070 quad amplifier, with quad adaptor.
Optonica RT-7000H Cassette Deck
Optonica ST-5200 Tuner
CEC DD-8200 Turntable
Rotel CDX4 CD Player
Dokorder 8140 Reel to Reel Tape Deck, and
Fisher FVH-P630 VHS Video Recorder

I will probably put this lot on ebay and/or gumtree shortly, but if there any buyers who want the lot please leave a comment. If anyone knows of any vintage audio equipment shops that buy old units please leave a comment with contact details.

It wasn’t until I started some research to see if this audio and video equipment was worth anything, before I threw it in the skip bin, that I realised it was “vintage audio” equipment. That makes me feel old, I can still remember buying this gear.

Wikileaks links 2

Some WikiLeaks links from Tuesday 7 December 2010

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Julian Assange does, or the way he does it, but the very bad, bordering on criminal, treatment he, WikiLeaks and it’s workers are currently experiencing is alarming and deplorable.

Oh, and I also wish that people would do a bit more reading and research before shooting off their mouths about how misguided, evil and dangerous Julian and WikiLeaks are. There is so much disinformation about this whole affair it’s ridiculous. – mirror site – click the white/blue box under the main text box to see more reasons – WikiLeaks safeguards data – Defend WikiLeaks or lose free speech. Journalists should wake up and realise that the attacks on the whistle-blower are attacks on them, too. – MasterCard joins growing list of companies pulling the plug on WikiLeaks – Turn Yourself In, Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder is an unscrupulous megalomaniac with a political agenda. So says Christopher Hitchens. – Columbia University changes it’s policy of advising students not to discuss WikiLeaks on facebook or Twitter. – Sex, lies and diplomatic cables. ‘Cablegate’ has provided the Arab public with an insightful peek into the inner circles of their respective states. – Anon publishes a warning – The lawless wild west attacks WikiLeaks

Why is Australia silent on Julian Assange? A blunt article from John Birmingham. – WikiLeaks (snail mail) postbox is about to be closed. Conspiracy, or just the fact the building that houses it is due for demolition? – One of many articles discussing whether Twitter is censoring the discussion of #Wikileaks and #cablegate. Twitter says no, but the numbers don’t seem to bear that out. Is Twitter hedging it’s bets? – One of several articles stating that Assange will shortly be meeting with British police to discuss the alleged charges laid against him by Swedish authorities.

Note: From what I have gathered the Swedish Chief Prosecutor dropped the original charges some while back as they thought there wasn’t sufficient evidence to hold a trial. Following pressure from a Swedish politician another prosecutor has filed the current allegations. Additionally after reading a few articles yesterday the whole sexual assault charges seem to have started by one of the women Assange slept with (with her consent by the way) got jealous when she found out he had slept with another woman. “Hell have no fury…” like the saying goes. I’d bet a lot of money that none of this would be news, or even still ongoing, it it wasn’t for the latest WikiLeaks document releases which have severely embarrased US politicians and secret service. – WikiLeaks cables: CIA drew up UN spying wish list for diplomats. Normally this would cause a huge outcry, finding out diplomats were told to spy on foreign diplomats, but for some reason most people seem to be shooting the messenger (WikiLeaks) rather than the message. – A blog discussing what happens in the “long haul” about WikiLeaks and government transparency. – Respected media outlets collaborate with WikiLeaks. Says it all really. – WikiLeaks founder threatens to release entire cache of unfiltered files.

For those that don’t know, or like some of the media haven’t bothered to find out or report it correctly, WikiLeaks has been releasing the roughly 250,000 documents in small batches (of about 100 each day). A good part of the reason behind this is so WikiLeaks members and the few media outlets that are a part of this can check the documents before release. Apparently this is done to ensure no critical names are released or no documents are released they believe really could be a danger to someone. So despite the hysterics in the media and from various US and other nations leaders, WikiLeaks are trying to consider the welfare of people who may be put in direct jeopardy if a particular document is released. Obviously this can’t be completely failsafe, but they aren’t complete irresponsible idiots (like some would have you believe).

The above article discusses how Assange if forced to will release all the documents at once into the wild. There is a 1.3Gb file available on the net which supposedly contains all the #cablegate documents plus more. This file whilst freely available is encrypted but the key will be distributed if something happens to Assange, in particular if he is (illegally) taken to America. – #Cablegate WikiLeaks document that lists sites critical to US security, including a site in Australia that makes rattlesnake anti-venom. Some say this document is very dangerous and provides terrorists with a targeting list, others think otherwise. – Another article discussing how WikiLeaks is safeguarding the #cablegate data.

More later…


Turns out John Pilger, in an interview with Phillip Adams (mp3) said the same things I’ve said, though more eloquently and forthright.  H/T to Sean for the link.

Wikileaks, Julian Assange and THOSE documents

The following is a list of articles (first released 6-12-2010) about the recent release of documents by Wikileaks, commonly referred to as #cablegate.

Door open for Assange to come home – to which I commented, but which was not released.

NSW Supreme Court Solicitor Peter Kemp: Letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard – I can’t verify the veracity of this document, I’ve found copies all over the net but not the original, but it has a very good point. Whatever happened with innocent until proven guilty in this country?

PM has betrayed me: Assange – Yes, Julian does seem a bit of an egomaniac sometimes, and yes he does seem a bit paranoid, but then again when a senior US official calls for your death, I guess you have every right to be paranoid. Or, as someone once said “You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.”

The death threats, the media, and the government’s sycophantic pursuit of Julian Assange – Like a few other articles with this theme, I agree with this one that the mainstream media has been mostly one sided, against Julian and Wikileaks, since senior US officials started complaining about the leaked documents.

Don’t shoot the messenger, award him the Nobel Peace Prize – calls have also been put out to name him Time magazine’s person of the year, vote for him here, and Australian of the year. Wouldn’t one of these awards get up a few people’s noses?

Of course Mark Pesce has written some excellent articles at ABC’s The Drum, including today’s WikiLeaks a blueprint for things to come.

This list will be added to as I see fit, feel free to add more in your comments, but no more than 2 at a time or else the spam filter will dump your comment.

Stupidly for the American government officials who have been crying foul since the release of the documents, instead of the story going away they have in fact made it worse. I have seen quite a Streisand effect happen since people have called for Julian’ death and since government officials and sycophantic biased media have labelled him a terrorist and said the leaks will cause innocent deaths (neither of which are likely to be true). So far a lot of the documents have just shown what we’ve always suspected, governments don’t trust or like other governments and will say and do whatever they can to undermine each other.

It’s kind of interesting that despite the huge protestations by senior government officials over Wikileaks disseminating these documents those same officials say that no lasting damage has been done between their country and various other countries mentioned. Despite protestations, the only bad thing to have come out of the leaked documents so far is embarrassment to some government officials. Tough titties, I say.

This is a list of mirror sites that now host the current leaked documents.

Several Wikileaks staffers have left Wikileaks and it looks like they are going to start up their own version of a whistle-blower web site. Good on them I say.

There is already a similar site to Wikileaks called

Kindle 3 Tips – Battery

Having learnt the hard way I thought I’d pass on a few tips I got from the discussion forum regarding battery life on the new Kindle 3 (note: these tips probably also apply to the Kindle 2 and DX)


I received my new Kindle 3 WiFi/3G recently and promptly charged it. I then downloaded many of the books I already owned, and had on my Kindle 2, categorised them, played with the wireless function (note: you can fully utilise the internet browser when you are connected through a wireless network, though it’s a bit awkward), and did a spot of reading. Two days later I noticed the battery was almost flat, so I recharged it. Read a bit the next day. Two days later I downloaded all my none Amazon books via the PC using Calibre, several hours later I went to read a book and the Kindle battery was completely flat!

At this stage I started to worry, my Kindle 2 lasted over a week with just reading and a book download or two, how come my new Kindle 3, which was supposed to last a month without recharging, was only lasting two days? So I asked the interwebs.


Seems there are three possible causes for the battery going flat so quickly:

  1. Charging
  2. Indexing
  3. Wireless

Explanation and what to do

1. Many users have reported that the first few charges do not leave the Kindle charged for very long.
Solution: Charge the Kindle for at least 3 to 4 hours (the charging light may change to green after only about 1.5 hours) use it until it discharges to about 25% battery (note: it’s strongly advised never to let the Kindle battery go completely flat). Repeat 3 times, if you still have a problem there may be something wrong with the battery, contact Amazon Customer Support and discuss getting a replacement Kindle (you should get a brand new one if returned within 30 days).

2. When a book is loaded onto the Kindle the Kindle ‘indexes’ it to make it easier to search through. Obviously when you get a new Kindle and haven’t had one before (or not used Kindle on a PC, iPad or other device) you won’t already have lots of books to copy to it, so you may not see the problem. In my case I had many books to re-download and hadn’t realised about the indexing problem. The Kindle indexes your books even when in sleep mode, so unless you turn it completely off when not in use it will still actually be doing something (indexing is fairly CPU intensive) hence flattening the battery. Additionally sometimes one or more books may get “stuck” whilst indexing and the Kindle sits there constantly trying to index a book unbeknown to you and subsequently flattening the battery even though you don’t seem to be using it. (the Kindle 3 is supposed to last a month on one battery charge with light reading and leaving it in sleep mode when not in use).
Solution: If you download lots of books into the Kindle, either via wireless or USB, at one go then leave the Kindle on charge until the indexing has finished.
Do the following to check if any books are being indexed – from the Home page press Menu then select Search, type in some random letters, if it comes back “Not Found” then your indexing is good. However, is a book or books are still indexing it will display “X items indexing”, select that and it will display which book, or books, are still being indexed. Wait until all books are indexed before leaving your Kindle off charge. If you have a book that is stuck indexing (my 60 books took about a day to index all of them) then go back to the home page, select the “stuck” book, delete it and then re-download it.

3. The wireless function, either WiFi or 3G (which by the way Kindle seems to automatically default to a WiFi connection if it finds one) consumes a fair bit of battery power even when just sitting there idly.
Solution: Leave the wireless turned off unless you need it. Several people suggest just turning it on at the end of a long reading session to do a sync and then turning it off again.

Where to now

Well I’ve charged my Kindle 3 for three hours for the third time, all my books have been indexed, and I’m not going to use the wireless, or the built in light for a few days; so I’ll see how these tips go and see if my battery is OK or whether I have a dud Kindle and need to return it.

Hope some other Kindle users get some help from this article.

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iPad just a fancy magazine?

Lots of people are touting the iPad (stupid name BTW) as being the next big thing, as being a Kindle killer, and various other Apple fan boy ravings.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of Apple products they are nice and shiny but they always seem to have a few quirks that make their products not quite as good as they really could be. But for some reason I seem to be alone in this as it would seem that everyone on the planet has an iPhone. Even I own an iPod, though trying to get it to do some things, especially through that bad excuse for a program called iTunes, frequently drives me to distraction.

So today I see this video:

A mock up of what an iPad could do. Very fancy, with some very good ideas, though I could do without even more adverts (to be fair current print magazines have lots of adverts but they can be relatively easy to ignore.). One wonders if the adverts will be relatively passive, or obtrusive like some of the adverts currently on some websites?

Another concern is, will the sort of content in the video be available outside of the USA? Currently the Kindle can download and display newspapers, magazines and blogs; however, only in America. Whilst this is not a huge detraction from purchasing an international Kindle, if like me you are buying it to read novels and other books, it would be a huge reason not to buy an iPad if you couldn’t get this sort (Sports Illustrated) of content outside of the USA.

Pricing may also present a hurdle to purchasing an iPad for viewing magazines, obviously there is the annual subscription to the magazine, just as there is for a print version, however, how much data is going to be streamed over the net (3G mobile phone network I’m assuming)? I’m guessing from the video that most of that fancy content will be downloaded as required, that looks like a lot of data. Will the cost be part of the subscription or an additional expense (like normal mobile phone data) and if so how much might this cost? Are people going to be prepared to pay another $50/month, like they now do for their phone, just so they can watch a few videos, including adverts, on their iPads? Only time will tell I suppose.

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